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Hello Lovlies,

Long time no see. How are you doing? Hopefully awesome. : D

If you are in America, I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day. I baked the turkey this year for my family. It turned out great and came out golden brown like it had plopped right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. : D My mom made cornbread, greens, ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, ham, baby back ribs, okra, stuffing, and macaroni and cheese. We sent a few plates up to our elderly neighbors (they are sweethearts), and they sent us some sweets and fruit cake. : ) And, our pets, a guinea pig and two beagles, enjoyed the left overs. All in all it was a nice celebration for us.

This year, I was rather thankful for being employed in a stable job in graphic design. You remember that job I had back in April & May? I got laid off from that because the company could not afford my awesomeness. : ( It was really disappointing, because I was almost always the first person to get to work and one of the last people to leave. They just could not afford me... But luckily, I got hired with a company near Stone Mountain. This company is really stable and booming, and they also offer health care so now I get to go to the doctor and other such things. The name of my company is Synta, and they make Deck Restore, which is sold in Home Depot and Lowes. They also make MyColor Paints, which are home décor paints based on Pantone paints; They also make Anita's Acrylic Paint, which you can see at Hobby Lobby. The coolest thing is that they also make Images which are acrylic paints based on Pantone colors, and they tell me I can have as much free paint as I want to *cough* test it : D

The only thing I don't like is that it's so far away, like an hour one-way, so I spend around $150 bucks a month just going to work D: But, I think I'll be moving around the Stone Mountain/Clarkston area sometime soon with my sister & dogs. They have an awesome farmer's market down there. I'm really trying to eat more healthily. I wouldn't really call it a 'diet,' in the modern sense of the word, but I'm trying to eat foods as close to their original state a possible... eating whole grains, raw sugar, and whole oats and less processed, enriched, and refined stuff. I also want to start eating more veggies. I don't often talk about it, but I really like cooking, and I love really experimenting with recipes and ingredients.  I just have to check and see if they have any good art supply stores there.

The lull in my employment turned out to be okay, because I had the opportunity to teach my little to sister to drive. We started off just going into neighborhoods with a bunch of yard sales, and following the different signs. This made her have to back up, turn right and left, and make u-turns. Then we started travelling on main roads, increasing speeds and such. I took her to get her license, and I was so excited and proud, like she was my daughter instead of my sister ;__; Unfortunately, she took the car out in a really really heavy traffic area (without telling anyone, I might add) and she got in an accident ON the day she got her license. The car was completely totalled T__T but my sister and her friend  were (thank God) fine. I think my sister just got ahead of herself, and thought that somehow having a license meant that she'd 'mastered' driving. We got a rental car a week later, and she preceded to having an accident in that too T___T but alas, she was fine and the insurance paid for both accidents. I'm just thankful that my sister has survived all of this.

I'm getting ready for Christmas. My sister will be getting my puppy, Uriel (or Uri for short), all of his shots, which I could not afford during my unemployment. I don't think I will be getting anything from anyone else, because no one has money around here, but I'm helping my brother get a new Xbox 360. He's earning/saving the first $200, and I'm giving him the final $100 dollars as an extra incentive to save. I don't know what my sister wants, but I was thinking of getting her a gift card from so she can get what she wants. I'm just going to give my mom cash. I'm hoping that maybe someone will get me a cast iron skillet though.

I think I'll buy myself some presents. I want a smartphone that I can actually put apps on XD I want to be able to track my finances with mint on my phone, and I have a superbad sense of direction (It's honestly not even funny how poor my map skills are) and I'd like a GPS feature on there. I don't think I'll be going with the iPhone, just because they're super expensive and I'd have to do the contract thing to afford one, which I'm not into. I'm thinking of actually going with Virgin Mobile and buying a $129 android phone. I'd also like to buy a new ipod classic. My last one is broken for months, after a considerable amount of use, and is now in iPod heaven. I miss it so much ;__; I think I'll try to get a refurbished black one for $209. If I use my credit card I can extend the warranty too, but I'll pay it off immediately with cash. Since, you know, Debt is Evil.

Art-wise, I'm a little ashamed to say I haven't done much, but I'm hoping that I will have more time to do that in the future; Also, I want to start converting all of my tutorials into html format so they will be web search able and be able to be able to easily converted into PDF Format. I recently read a book entitled Crush It!, and I was really inspired to 'follow my passion' as the author puts it. I really love making my tutorials, it's one of my most fulfilling things I've done. I know I've helped at least a few people by posting them, and I'd like to expand them on as well as off DA for people. I just need to find time T__T Soon, I'll be quitting my side job, designing websites, business cards, and such for a company that helps blind and visually-impaired people. Basically they help these people learn to use computers and programs like Outlook, Excel, and the like with minimal assistance. If I quit that, maybe I'll have time to do my own stuff.

Well, anyway, I suppose that's an update on my life. I hope you all are doing well.

With Love,

Sasha Stowers
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Sasha Lynn Stowers
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
My name is Sasha. I love art and making art tutorials. I work as a graphic designer in Atlanta, Georgia. My favorite solo musician is Michael Jackson, and my favorite band is Maroon 5. I hope we can be friends.

If you need to contact me, feel free to drop me a line at sashastowers [at] gmail.


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Your artwork is BEAUTIFUUUUL !!!!!! X3
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Hi Sasha! Your artworks are awesome! Thanks for the tuts. I needed them~
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Happy birthday!
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happy birthday, wishing the best
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Happy birthday, Sasha!
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